Theresa Froggatt

Become the best Version of yourself

I would love to congratulate you on clicking the link. You just got a little out of your comfort zone which is truly amazing. Not many like to get out of their comfort zone. I was one of them, even though I wanted more from the life I was so scared to be different and to do something different. 


But if we do what everyone else is doing we will never get to our desired reality, because we will keep doing the same things over and over getting nowhere. 


Life is about living your true nature, being your authentic self, the best way to be your authentic self is to create your personal brand. People already love you and when you start showing people your vulnerability they will follow you to see what you are doing next. 


So let me help you create your brand and make money at the same time. You don’t have to harass anyone, all you have to do is be you. Give value and show people your life and how they can do the same by doing what you do. 


Then it is simply repetition from there. They show others how to create their brand and affiliate themselves with an amazing company and brand that helps your health and the planet.


  • Commissions

    The commissions are next level with Enagic, seeing as they do not do any promotion they pay US affiliates instead seeing as we all love the product and use everything.

  • Money back

    30 day money back guarantee so nothing to lose.

  • Support

    There are support chat pods that have been created to help each other, motivate, and celebrate our wins. We are a family and that is the best part: you are never alone.

  • Time freedom

    The ability to plan your work hours around your life instead of planning your life around someone else’s schedule.

  • Location freedom

    It doesn’t matter whether you want to travel to every corner of the world or you just chill with your family at home.

  • Financial freedom

    All that you desire is to live a life where you never have to worry about guac costing extra.

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